Want To Know The Truth Of being Successfully Single

The term “being single” is often used to describe the state of a person being alone and not in a committed relationship. Although there are people who

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The term “being single” is often used to describe the state of a person being alone and not in a committed relationship. Although there are people who have made a conscious choice to be single, many struggle with their identities due to their past or present circumstances.  With the added pressures and expectations of an emotional investment into a relationship, we need to remember that a relationship is only as good as whatever the individuals involved bring to it. And when a man and woman come together in a relationship or marriage it shouldn’t be two halves coming together to make the whole. Coming to terms with ourselves to better understand our uniqueness, and the whole person we are will enhance our emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational sides as well as our responsibilities to work, family and our surroundings.

The root of a tree is its source of nutrients, the foundation of its strength, and the fruit it will bear. How deep are your roots, do you have a foundation that’s firmly planted and promotes the values you want to characterize in your life? This is especially important for divorced and single parents who have entered singlehood. Without having ethics and Godly principles to give us substance and weight, we can’t be the kind of role model we want or need to be. It is important that we not base who we are on how people value us, cultural pressures, our own dysfunctions or bad habits. But at the same time we shouldn’t cheat ourselves out of a better life by ignoring our faults or bad habits that could stop growth and progress to move forward into the next season of our life.

You are the only you-and regardless of how visible or invisible you feel, how popular or unpopular you may think you are, you are unique! We all exist to have a special impact within the sphere of our influence. For some people their talents and skills will touch a multitude of people, and others will dramatically change the life of one or two people within their lifetime. Hopefully as you begin to accept the reality that you were created for purpose, you will understand that you will not only improve your own life, but also the lives of the people around you.

Remember the famous quote “you complete me” from the movie- Jerry Maguire? The wholeness and uniqueness of two single people coming together should complement one another not complete each other. Being successfully single you can bring blessings into a relationship and not baggage. No other person can meet your ego needs, your soul needs, or your spiritual needs. Discover your personal significance by helping others and surrounding yourself with people who respect you and challenge you grow. Don’t let the real you be suppressed or held back, go out there and live a life of purpose, meaning, and personal significance.