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Lingerie is for everyone – Perfect Life Styles for Every Body

Lingerie is for everyone. Who is to define perfection? The media? Your natural shape is perfect for you and you can look great in lingerie if you know how to choose the right ones.

Is lingerie really for every one? Every woman, I mean. When I think of lingerie, I think of Victoria’s Secret fashion show with impossibly shaped women trotting down the catwalk in lingerie. In real life, how many women are shaped that way?

So, is lingerie only for the few lucky women with amazing bodies? Can the rest of us wear lingerie?

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Some are naturally thin and flat. The lingerie worn by these models would gape unflatteringly on them.

Others may have curves everywhere, including rolls of fat in the wrong places.

Few are naturally perfect. If you are one of the lucky ones, you could order lingerie right off the model and wear it yourself. If you’re not, read on.

Let’s tackle two main challenges women might face. The first being too much fat in the wrong places as defined by the powers that be. (The designers who dictate what a woman’s body is supposed to be shaped like. Right now, a woman should be shaped like a twelve year old boy. As a result of these crazy notions, some women end up aneroxic and 20% of these women who suffer from aneroxia end up dying. We have the fashion industry and the media to thank for these deaths.)

Heard of shapewear? That’s an answer to many a bloated non-pregnant belly’s prayer.

There’s unforgiving lingerie that bares everything and lets the rolls of tummy fat spill out..and lingerie that camouflages beautifully. I love the latter. Forget about trying to look like a boy. If you’ve got curves, then dress to make the most out of them.

Now shapewear helps cinch in that unflattering belly while letting the rest of your curves show through. The result looks great in most dresses. If you are plus size, wear plus size shapewear. You’d be delighted with the results in your final look.

If the dresses don’t fit, get a size that fits your hips and bustline, whichever is wider and get it altered so the rest of it fits your perfectly. It doesn’t matter whether it is a size 2 or a size 16. The fit makes all the difference, not the number on the label.

The other problem might be not enough fat to fill the dress. In this case, a padded bra would do the trick. Or you could stuff rolls of toilet paper into your bra and voila. Instant bra cleavage. Or you could just be yourself and wear something that fits. Actually, when you’re thin, you can wear lots of details on top and get away with it. A frilly neckline, puffy sleeves, lace details over your can get away with a lot more than your bustier pals, so make the most out of it. Want hips? With the current fashion, that’s easy. Wear a bubble skirt, a pouf skirt or any voluminous skirt.

Most lingerie styles flatter everyone. Pick lingerie that fits your personality and lifestyle.


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