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Belly Fat loss – Check Uut These Tips For How To Burn Belly Fat

Learn how to achieve belly fat loss and discover what you have been doing wrong that has made an otherwise simple process of getting rid of belly fat impossible for you to achieve for this long.The reason this is so is simply because you don’t yet posses the proper knowledge and understanding required to blast away the fat from your belly. Getting the fat off your belly requires the combination of diet and exercises and neither alone will get the job done.

5 Causes Of Belly Fat

If You Know The Cause Then You Can Prevent It

The root cause of belly fat lies in improper eating or/and lack of exercise; however there are other causes of belly fat in both men and women that can result in a protuding belly.

Genetics :If those that overweight in your genetic lineage have their excess fat around their midsection, then it possible that you have genes a possible contributing factor for you excess belly fat, however this is not to say that you cannot still get riod of the belly fat.

Menopause: The belly is one of the major area the fat is stored after menopause.

Stress: A stress hormone called cortisol that is naturally produced in response to stress by adrenal glands stores unused fat that has been produced in your body during stress which results in an increase of fat deposit in your belly.

Slow Metabolism: If for whatever reason(eg aging) your body metabolism slows then rate at which you burn calories also slow down which means your body have extra fat to keep to itself, most of which will end up in your belly.

Eating Late at Night:Going to bed with a full stomach greatly increase your chances of storing excess fat in your belly and belly fat loss remains a distant wish. You should ensure to take your meal about 3 to 4 hrs before going to sleep so that you can give your body the opportunity to deal with the food.

Belly Fat

What To Eat To Get A Flat Stomach

Our diet plays a vital role in weight loss, so eating right is most essential. If you do all the right exercises diligently but you do not eat the right type of food you will not achieve any weight loss and in fact you could even be gaining more fat particularly around your midsection.

Some belly fat burning food :

Dairy Products Low In Fat: Low-fat dairy products(eg nonfat yogurt and low-fat milk) results in 70% fat loss than low-dairy diet. It also strengthen your bones.

Olive Oil: This is one good fat for the body and it also helps you burn fat and keeps your cholesterol down.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is loaded with soluble fiber which helps reduce blood cholesterol by getting rid of bad digestive acids out of your system.Unsweetened and unflavored are best kind of oatmeal to eat.

Whole Grains: The body needs carbohydrates so exclude it completely from your diet is bad, however it is the processed carbohydrates that are bad – nutrients have been stripped out leaving loads of starch. Whole grain foods haven’t been processed and contain the fiber and minerals that the body needs.

Whole Grains

Generally your food intake should include food rich in protein, nuts, healthy fats rich in omega-3 and lots of vegetable and fruits. Avoid beverages that contain high amounts of sugar and reduce your alcohol intake and if possible do away with it.

Try eating about 5 or 6 small healthy meals as this will help speed up your body metabolism to provide the energy your body needs to burn off the food you are eating and it also helps you from over eating as you are less likely to be hungry between your small meals. With these you will start seeing noticeable changes in the level of fat in your belly: good signs of belly fat loss.

Facts About Belly Fat Exercises

The foremost thing you must learn is that exercises only yield results if you maintain a healthy diet and this will determine how long does it take to get a flat stomach.Once you stop making new deposits of fat as a result of an unhealthy diet then the stored fat can be gotten rid of through exercises that are targeted at the belly and exercises involving the whole body e.g Jogging, Walking, Swimming, cycling etc. Jogging 2-4 times a week increases your metabolic rate and burns excess calories. Crunches and sit-ups also help in reducing fat deposits around the mid section but the real impact is seen if done in combination with whole body involving cardio. Since belly fat is stored energy (calories) and you need to burn more of it than you eat then you must ensure that your diet is not setting you backwards by feeding your belly with fat while you are trying to burn out the same through exercises; what you will get on the long run is more belly fat and consequently a bigger tummy which is the exact opposite of what you are after.

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7 Belly Flattening Tips To Lose Belly Fat To Get a Flat Stomach

  • Here are tips that can help you flatten your belly.
  • Eat smaller portions of meals more often instead of 2-3 big meals per day. Eating more meals actually helps up your body metabolism.
  • Drink lots of water about 6 to 8 glasses per day as it aids digestion.
  • Stop eating within few hours of your bedtime. If you have to eat anything around this period it should be vegetables or fruit; by not eating late can make a significant difference.
  • Take skim milk instead of whole milk while ensuring that your dairy intake is at a minimum because these products often cause bloating.
  • Add fiber to your diet and reduce your intake of the bad carbs. Take brown rice and whole wheat bread and also increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables (particularly the leafy green ones).
  • Do proper crunches about 3 times a week to train your abs.
  • Walking or/and jogging for about 30 minutes 3 times a week will help to boost your body metabolism in order to burn that fat.


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