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Adding Milk Destroys Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Apart from water, nothing else is consumed in larger quantities across the globe. It’s also known to be good for our health, as it contains many vitamins and antioxidants. Researchers have shown that tea can strengthen the functioning of the immune system and prevent damage to cells. There is even research which indicated that tea could be good for our cardiovascular system, help with stabilising blood sugar levels and even prevent cavities.

Many of us prefer to drink tea with a splash of milk added to it. But does adding milk to our tea actually remove some of the benefits of drinking it?

The European Heart Journal conducted a study with sixteen adult volunteers who were in good health. They were asked to consumer either boiled water, freshly brewed tea without milk, and the third group tea with a little skimmed milk. The researchers then compared the effect of the drink on the vascular function of each volunteer. Those in the group which drank the black tea were found to have “significant improvements” in their arterial function, when compared with those who drank only boiled water. These improvements were not so obvious in the group who took milk in their tea, so the research indicated that adding milk to tea is detrimental to it’s health benefits.Adding Milk Destroys Benefits Of Drinking Tea

The study was repeated using mice as the subjects and the same conclusions were drawn. The scientists responsible for the study thought that these results were likely to be explained by the fact that milk contains proteins, which can bind to and neutralise the antioxidants in tea. They concluded that putting milk into tea negates any positive health effect on vascular function that tea might otherwise have.

What about the effects of soy milk? Perhaps if the experiment was repeated with a non-dairy product the study would not have a similar outcome? A recent study has shown that actually there is no difference at all – the proteins within the soy milk have the same effect on the antioxidants as those in normal milk.

It seems that in order to fully enjoy the heath benefits from our morning cuppa, we need to learn to enjoy it without milk, after all.You May Also Be Interested In These ArticlesBenefits Of Red Wine Affected By Alcohol Content?

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