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5 Types Of Healthy Breakfast Foods

Healthy breakfast may not have to be bland and boring, so much so that you decide to skip it thinking that you’ll do your weight a favor without the additional calories to worry about. Guess again. Aside from the fact that a healthy breakfast provides your body with the start-up nutrients to get your day going, eating a hearty and healthy breakfast is important if you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

For many a cup of coffee or tea is good enough especially when work calls for you to rush through the door. But your body deserves more than just a kick of caffeine. It needs a good amount of carbohydrates, protein, fats and essential micronutrients to gear-up your metabolism into motion. Make your breakfast much healthier by including any or a combination of the following selection:

Oatmeal is a good breakfast choice. Add some milk with a dash of coco sugar or a natural sweetener like stevia and you already have a high fiber recipe that provides sustained energy till your next meal. Wholegrain bread made from wheat or quinoa is another option, whipped with peanut butter spread or filled with a slice of cheese and chicken bits and you have a breakfast with adequate fats and protein for a start.5 Types Of Healthy Breakfast Foods

Eggs. You can have it scrambled, boiled or fried – eggs are rich in protein that keeps your cells in top shape and contains essential fatty acids necessary for better cognitive function. An egg salad with cut-up tomatoes or an omelet with bite-size chunks of ham and cheese would be a perfect partner for your toast.

Juice or Shakes. Drink juice instead of coffee and you will discover you can get the same morning energy without the caffeine. A fresh fruit juice is wonderful but canned juice is also fine – just be sure it is low in sugar. Or you can have a fruit shake with a scoop of protein powder or simply drizzle honey to sweeten your smoothies and start enjoying this great breakfast recipe.

Fresh fruits. Fruits can make a fantastic breakfast. You can have a serving of your favorite fruit together with a cup of yogurt or throw a number of fruits together and call it a meal. The sugar in fruits is a good energy source along with the fiber that helps in good digestion.

Vegetables. If fruits make a good breakfast so are raw vegetables. Toss your greens with a Ceasar’s salad dressing or modestly with your choice vinaigrette. Or a lightly grill tomato slices drizzled with olive oil and topped with white cheese or your favorite herbs.

There you have it! Top healthy breakfast choices that won’t just leave you salivating but will give your body the proper nourishment it needs to face the challenges of the day.You May Also Be Interested In These Articles Share this:


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